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  • New Holland CR Revelation – Harvest Supremacy

    The latest CR Revelation combine continues over 40 years of New Holland Twin Rotor™ leadership. The range topping 700hp CR10.90 is the most powerful combine on the market. Innovative new features such as Dynamic Flow Control™ remotely adjustable rotor vanes, concave reset and patented Opti-Spread™ Plus super-wide residue spreading system, ensure that the CR Revelation range continues as one of the most advanced and productive in the world.

  • New Holland CR Revelation - Supremazia Gialla

    Da 42 anni leader nella tecnologia Twin Rotor® per le migliori prestazioni di trebbiatura e miglior trattamento della granella con solo lo 0,2% di rottura, New Holland vi presenta la CR10.90 che con i suoi 700CV è la più potente mietitrebbia al mondo. Il DAC (Dynamic Flow Control) permette di regolare da remoto l'inclinazione delle alette dei rotori garantendo una trebbiatura efficiente ed incrementando la produttività fino al 20%. Il sistema brevettato OptiSpread Plus™ sparge in modo uniforme i residui fino a 45 piedi. La nuova CR Revelation incrementa la produttività fino a 10% e si conferma la più produttiva e potente mietitrebbia al mondo!

  • New Holland CR Revelation – Ernte in Vollendung.

    New Holland revolutionierte die Erntetechnik vor 40 Jahren mit der Einführung der innovativen Twin-Rotor-Technologie für Mähdrescher. Das Flaggschiff der Serie - der CR 10.90 - ist mit 700 PS das stärkste und produktivste Modell bis jetzt. Produkteigenschaften wie Dynamic Flow Control, von der Kabine aus verstellbare Rotorleitbleche, Dynamic Feed Roll, das überarbeitete Opti-Spread Plus Strohverteilsystem und vieles mehr machen den CR Revelation zu einem der höchstentwickelten Mähdrescher der Welt.

  • NEW CX5/CX6 SERIES. About time to be unique | New Holland Agriculture

    The new CX5 & CX6 5 and 6-strawwalker combine series delivers unique features and performance in every field of harvesting as well in every field to harvest. The new Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab treats you to a memorable driving and harvesting experience, day and night. Features such as the Smart Sieve™ self-levelling shoe and the Autofloat™ system, plus Laterale and Hillside versions, are your ace-in-the-hole on uneven or hilly terrain. Thanks to its sectional concave, Opti-Thresh™ and Multi-Thresh™ systems, unique Opti-Speed™ straw walker technology and Opti-Fan™ system, you get top flexibility to cope with any condition. And with four-drum threshing technology and the exclusive Triple-Clean™ cascaded cleaning shoe, delivering up to 15% more cleaning capacity, unique grain sample quality is guaranteed, whatever the crop.

  • New Holland CX7 & CX8 – Targets Achieved

    The new CX7 & CX8 range delivers super-sized productivity and has further elevated already impressive capacity. Prepare yourselves for a ground-breaking industry first: Opti-Speed™ auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers for tailored separation excellence. Together with acclaimed features such as SmartTrax™, Opti-Fan™, Opti-Clean™ and Opti- Spread™ technology, your harvest is in safe hands.

  • New Holland Harvesting Excellence

    Enter a new Harvesting Dimension Berlin Press conference 21-22 July

  • New CR - Enter a new harvesting dimension

    The all-new CR series is taking combining to the next level Quite simply a roll call of combining excellence. The most powerful CR ever has just upped the harvesting stakes

  • New Holland- A Long History of Innovation

    New Holland's commemorative combine celebrates over 100 years of harvesting innovation •Zedelgem: a history of harvesting firsts since 1906 •The MZ: Europe's first self-propelled combine harvester launched back in 1952 •CX8090: The highest capacity conventional combine in the world •CX8090 commemorative edition: a perfect blend of history and cutting edge harvesting technology #SIMA2013

  • New Holland - Une Longue Historie d'Innovation

    Une moissonneuse-batteuse New Holland édition spéciale commémore plus de 100 ans d'innovations •Zedelgem : L'histoire des innovations de la récolte depuis 1906 •La MZ : la première moissonneuse-batteuse automotrice en Europe, en 1952 •CX8090 : la moissonneuse-batteuse conventionnelle la plus performante au monde •La CX8090 jubilé : un parfait mélange d'histoire et d'innovations à l'avant-garde de la technologie #SIMA2013

  • New Holland ECOBlue CX8000 Owner Testimonial

    John Sawdon - CX8000 Owner "We've noticed the engine on the combine to be more powerful this year [...] and it is more fuel efficient."

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