New Holland Ag Combines

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  • New Holland CX7 & CX8 – Targets Achieved

    The new CX7 & CX8 range delivers super-sized productivity and has further elevated already impressive capacity. Prepare yourselves for a ground-breaking industry first: Opti-Speed™ auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers for tailored separation excellence. Together with acclaimed features such as SmartTrax™, Opti-Fan™, Opti-Clean™ and Opti- Spread™ technology, your harvest is in safe hands.

  • New Holland Harvesting Excellence

    Enter a new Harvesting Dimension Berlin Press conference 21-22 July

  • New CR - Enter a new harvesting dimension

    The all-new CR series is taking combining to the next level Quite simply a roll call of combining excellence. The most powerful CR ever has just upped the harvesting stakes

  • New Holland- A Long History of Innovation

    New Holland's commemorative combine celebrates over 100 years of harvesting innovation •Zedelgem: a history of harvesting firsts since 1906 •The MZ: Europe's first self-propelled combine harvester launched back in 1952 •CX8090: The highest capacity conventional combine in the world •CX8090 commemorative edition: a perfect blend of history and cutting edge harvesting technology #SIMA2013

  • New Holland - Une Longue Historie d'Innovation

    Une moissonneuse-batteuse New Holland édition spéciale commémore plus de 100 ans d'innovations •Zedelgem : L'histoire des innovations de la récolte depuis 1906 •La MZ : la première moissonneuse-batteuse automotrice en Europe, en 1952 •CX8090 : la moissonneuse-batteuse conventionnelle la plus performante au monde •La CX8090 jubilé : un parfait mélange d'histoire et d'innovations à l'avant-garde de la technologie #SIMA2013

  • New Holland ECOBlue CX8000 Owner Testimonial

    John Sawdon - CX8000 Owner "We've noticed the engine on the combine to be more powerful this year [...] and it is more fuel efficient."

  • New Holland - New CR combine range - TONS BETTER

    New Holland CR combine - Tons Better + EFFICIENCY +QUALITY +CAPACITY #NHAGRITECHNICA2013

  • Moisson du blé avec une New Holland CX8040 - wheat harvest

    Moisson du blé 2009 en Eure et Loir avec une New Holland CX8040 accompagnée par un TM165 & une benne Legrand et un TM190 & une benne Gilibert.

  • New Holland Combines CR9090 World Record preview

    New Holland Combines CR9090 World Record preview

  • New Holland Combines CS

    New Holland Combines CS

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